Orientation :: Thai 101

The purpose of this web module is to introduce you to the Thai writing system (Part I) and teach you to read Thai script through self instruction using the AUA Thai Course (Reading) Book, AUA pdf files, enhanced with sound, in conjunction with additional exercises on this web module and discussion with your teacher and classmates.
In addition to learning how to read Thai script, you will also familiarize yourself with commonly used stylized fonts and learn how to use Thai on computer (display and input Thai characters).

Getting Started (Technically)

You will need a PC with Thai fonts installed, with speakers or headphones. On campus, you can find them at the PC Lab (Moore 153).
Software:The softwares you need to have on your computer in order to use this web module are:
1) A Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc..). You also should disable the pop-up blocker in your computer.
2) For correct display of the audio, we recommend free version RealPlayer (free at http://www.real.com) as a default audio player of you computer.
3) Acrobat Reader . You can down load copy from here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
4) Flash Player plugin for your browser. You can download a copy from here http://www.macromedia.com/downloads/.

  Thai fonts

If you use your own PC, the following site gives you the information you need to get your PC to display Thai fonts and input Thai fonts. Included are information on Thai keyboard layout and Thai virtual keyboard.
Thai IT page : http://www.hawaii.edu/thai/thaifonts

Other sites where you can download Thai fonts:

  Text Book (hard copy)
    AUA Language Center Thai Course: Mostly Reading
On-line Resource
  For links to Internet and computer resources for Thai language, go to http://www.hawaii.edu/thai/tech.htm This site provides links to online Thai-English and other bilingual dictionaries such as , , , and other resources such as translation program, Vaja Text-to-Speech program and much more.
  In formation on Thai Alphabets at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_alphabet
    Paper: “How do Thai Tell Letters Apart”. A paper by Doug Cooper, available on-line at: http://seasrc.th.net/paper/paper.htm
Instruction/Assignment for this week
  Read : "Overview of Thai Writing Sytem" (http://thaiarc.tu.ac.th/thai/thaiwrt.htm)
  Read and listen to : "The Thai Alphabet" (http://thaiarc.tu.ac.th/thai/thindex.htm)
    This Reading Thai Script web module is an electronic reproduction of AUA Thai Course Reading book, enhanced with audio readings of the exercises. The web module is developed by Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong, Thai Language Program, with funding from National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) at University of Hawaii-Manoa and Research Relation Fund Award 2005-2006, University Research Council, University of Hawaii-Manoa.
  The developer team:
  Primary Designer/ Voice : Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong. (e-mail) yuphapha@hawaii.edu
  Developer/Voice: Yudthaphon Vichianin (e-mail) yudthaph@hawaii.edu
  We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who help make this project possible.
  Mr. Adul Pinsuwana, Director, American University Alumni Language Center (AUA) (director@auathailand.org), Ms. Wipha Ratanodom, Head, AUA Thai Language Program, granted permission to reproduce AUA textbook in electronic form with enhancement (wipha@auathai.com)
  Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool, Director, National Electronic and Computer Tehnology of Thailand (NECTEC)
  National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC), University of Hawaii, Organized and provided some funding and resource for a “Summer Institute for Developing Web-based Learning Environment for Southeast Asian Languages” in August 2004, where this web module got started..
  University Research Council, University of Hawaii-Manoa, for the Research Relations Fund Award 2005-2006, which enables us to complete this project.




This page produced by: Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong (yuphapha@hawaii.edu), Thai Language Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa.
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